Split Collar Wind Turbine | KESS® Technologies Inc.

Split Collar Wind Turbine (SCWT)
KESS Technologies, Inc.

  • The multi-patented SCWT is designed to affix to both existing infrastructure, including poles, towers, trees, etc., or new infrastructure;
  • Nearly silent operation;
  • The SCWT can be configured for multiple, autonomous, discrete generators, to ensure power output. regardless of individual generator maintenance or loss;
  • SCWT’s are easily visible (not invisible) to wildlife. No more killing of endangered species of birds. (eagles, hawks, fowls…etc.);
  • The SCWT Turbine blade system is safe from over-spinning, fires, etc. The blades mechanically shut automatically to close the wind flow for safety;
  • The SCWT blade and rotor design ensures maximum "lift", speed, torque and efficiency;
  • The SCWT does NOT require connection to an existing power grid for startup power;
  • The SCWT can be utilized in either vertical or horizontal orientation
  • The SCWT naturally accepts wind from any angle, without requiring expensive bearing, gear and race rotation hardware to “turn into the wind”;
  • The SCWT can be used in multiple array configurations on single existing infrastructure to maximize electric power generation while minimizing space requirements;
  • The SCWT requires very low wind conditions to produce energy;
  • The SCWT unique design ensures high durability and ease of maintenance;
  • The SCWT is adaptable and scalable from residential/commercial arrays to wind farm generation;
  • Prototype completed (please see video and pics), ready for scale up and manufacturing.
  • For more information, call (760) 213-4958.

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