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KESS® Technologies is incorporated in Nevada, Delaware, and Israel. Full scale Manufacturing will shortly begin in Nevada and later in Israel. Israel will become the home headquarters for all KESS operations.

The design, manufacturing, production, shipping/logistics and operations team has many decades of combined experience in all critical phases. We own the patents for all the products we will be manufacturing, under one roof, which is unusual… KESS team members are highly experienced, having worked for and contributed to some of the best known industry leaders.

At the core, KESS “Cells” (Patented) efficiently and economically convert salt/brackish waters to fresh water; without (meaningful) power. In fact all the very low power that is required to operate KESS, is renewable, sustainable, environmentally friendly/benign… solar, wind, or animal. KESS cells are capable of running 24/7/365. KESS technology does not return any environmentally hazardous waste brine back to the source oceans/seas.

KESS Cells are “plug n’ play”, run completely autonomously from each other, and are modular. If you need more water, you add more cells. They also float, so if land is scarce (or prohibitively expensive), and a protected bay, harbor, waterway is available, you’re still in business with KESS.

We are starting with three sizes of KESS Cells. The physics, chemistry, and electronics of the cells remains virtually the same, regardless of size. When operating at full capacity the cells are sized to generate 2,500 gpd (gallons per day), 450 gpd, and 10gpd.

The sole carbon footprint of KESS cells is in the manufacturing phase, i.e. Melting the plastics. KESS has no operational carbon footprint.

KESS cell components have a life expectancy of 20+ years for most all parts. There is one exception, that with a life expectancy of 10-15 years.

From the Beginning:

KESS Technologies was born from a vision in 2007. That’s the only way I can describe the images placed in my head. Very Strange but true. The truth is, I don’t/won’t take any credit for the idea or concepts.

Much of the operations and capabilities were not recognized or understood until much much later. But teaching 3DCAD and GD&T to mostly post-grad engineers in college, I did have the knowledge and software to record solid models of what I had seen. And I did have an extensive background in water, mostly environmental remediation, so I was interested and intrigued.

…One very serious bicycle-car accident while cycling with my beautiful wife postponed the development for years… Even though we can’t see it at the time, there is usually a later recognized reason for everything… In our case, some of the key pieces needed time to fall into place. Important relationships, natural gas being discovered and produced in Israel (necessary for the manufacturing), etc.….

Fast forward to late 2017. Life had slowed to the point that I could and felt strongly compelled to focus on what became KESS. Again, I don’t take credit for our Trademark… The image again came to me, sounded good, and it worked. It made and makes sense… (I refer to myself as “the scribe”, nothing more.) While there is much more to KESS, this Trademark acronym clearly describes much of the fundamental aspects.

Kinetic Energy Solar Still.

KESS represents the ability to convert salt water to fresh water… without a (any) power bill… KESS operates at a small fraction of the electrical requirements of SWRO, and much faster than standard evaporation/collection devices. (Please read the “Layman’s Guide to KESS”.)

Our first Patents and Trademarks are now published. International Patents are currently being developed, and will be processed well within the deadlines.

We are incorporated in the United States and Israel. Production will begin with full funding in both countries… For the time being, the largest size KESS “cell” can only be produced in the U.S. due to machine requirements… But shortly, with our own custom machines in place, Israel will also join in the manufacturing/distribution of all size KESS cells and lead the worldwide organization.

We plan to employ 2,500-3,000 people worldwide when both factories are up and running.

Shipping is planned from both Haifa to Europe and Northern Africa to the north, and Eilat to Eastern/Southern Africa, India, and South America to the south.

I’m regularly asked, “How was this technology missed (or overlooked)?”

Short Analogous interesting examples:

About twenty four hundred years ago, roughly 350 BCE, there was a really bright fellow who made the seemingly obvious deduction that if you put a large rock on one side of a balance scale, and balanced it with 10 smaller rocks on the other side, the Big rock, weighing 10X times more than the smaller rocks, when dropped, would fall 10 times faster. This made and makes perfect, reasonable, logical sense… and NO ONE challenged this idea for almost 2,000 Years! Almost 20 Full Centuries passed without anyone standing up and saying “Wait a minute…..”. Not one of the best, brightest, most educated and capable people the planet produced…

It wasn’t until roughly 1,600 AD, that a rogue intellectual astronomical guy, in deep desperate trouble with just about everyone due to his maverick mindset, (including the most powerful authority at the time, the Church), decided to put this theory to the test, climbed up the circular walkway, and dropped two rocks together off of a tall leaning tower in Italy… and you know the rest….

Epilog: Even though the best universities at the time, all KNEW they were wrong, guess what they continued to teach (Aristotle or, Galileo), for well over the next 100 years?

Next example: The Patent firm had the KESS basics of the application I had sent for about a week and a half, a little less than two weeks, when I received an unexpected call from the Senior Partner. He began the conversation with: “I want to fund you. I want my firm to fund you, and I want our VC partner to fund you”…. A little Stunned, I asked him, “ XXXX (name intentionally withheld), What are you talking about?” (After many patents in my life, not once had anyone ever offered to fund any of them). Him He then continued and asked me “do you know anything about us?” I replied, “Yes, you were referred by a longtime friend who has done a lot of patents with you and said (knowing the world wide implications of what this patent held) “ that you were the firm for this product…” …. so I guess not, not really…”

Him “Let me tell you. Everyone that works here, has to have their PhD first (in whatever science, math, they will be writing the patents for), then their law degree comes afterward. I gave this patent application to “Eight or Nine” of my PhD guys, and they All came back and said the Same Three things to me.”

Me “OK, I’ll bite, what they were?”

Him “They All said they had reviewed the application and that it would get the patent. They had each run a quick patent search and it was unique. (They were later proven correct, and in record time) 2. They All said that they understood the math and physics and the derived devices these described… they understood the devises and considered them buildable and manufacturable. “And the third I asked?” Him “All “eight or nine” said to me the same exact thing… “Why didn’t I think of that?”

For more information, please continue to read and follow the website. Exciting plans and new features are in the works.

And Thank you again for your interest in KESS.

President/CEO KESS Technologies.

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Mark D Goodley:
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